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Fiedeler + Raasch

Michael Raasch and Heinrich Fiedeler founded the design office Fiedeler+Raasch that resides in Wiesbaden in 1996. Since 2002 officially named “Heinrich Fiedeler industrial design”, the design office has the special demand of integrating innovative approaches into new products.

Both Wiesbaden gives importance to social compatibility of their products. Besides a user-oriented shaping, this means that a good product also works as medium to transport sense as well as emotions.

On the other side a product concept should also be innovative for the manufacturer, it should be inserted into the assortment and mirror the character of each brand.

The concept of Fiedeler + Raasch has proven itself a few times already. Namely manufacturers such as Lufthansa, Adidas, BASF, Volkswagen or Elmar Flötotto have also noticed this.

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