Aldo Bakker


Georg Jensen - Aldo Bakker Oil Dispenser Georg Jensen - Öl Menage by Aldo Bakker €79.00 * 5 von 5
Aldo Bakker

The design approach from Also Bakker is pulled by the discovery of borders between humans and unhuman aspects in design and architectural adventures.

The 1971 born Netherlands originally studied jewellery design, the profession of his parents. The necessary perfectionism in that area characterizes Bakker’s designs until today. Later he concentrated on glass as material, since it can nearly endlessly be moulded – perfectly suitable for his experimental ideas.

Later Aldo Bakker’s designs were added more materials later on. Some of them were metal and wood. His universal approach is also visible in the fact that Bakker already furnished restaurants, worked as teacher in Eindhoven and presented his products on many fairs.

Aldo Bakker’s designs often act artful. But the practical aspects of the Netherlands always remain in the foreground – but the first glimpse goes to the sculptural shapes that represent the abstraction of a product in its original form. This is how the products of the Netherlands ironically question themselves, without losing their sense.

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