Aleksi Kuokka

Aleksi Perälä

Aleksi Kuokka, born as Aleksi Perälä in Perkano, Finland in the year 1978, works as freelance industrial designer all around the world.

Aleksi Kuokka is one of the driving forces of the new generation of Finnish designers. His design work comes out of communication perspectives. Among others, Kuokka works as partner with Avian! Design Studio. Besides Iittala, he already cooperated with Finlayson, Nokia, Ramirent, SIS Deli, Tapiovaara and Woodnotes. For Iittala he designed the Ote Glass and was highly involved in the development of the Sarjaton collection.

About his design of the Sarjaton Glasses for Iittala, Aleksi Kuokka explained: “Traditional Finnish design has the capability of moving the thoughts and intentions of the artist, besides its purist and reduced forms. During the creation of the Sarjaton Glasses I wanted to use a free line and to go back to a rather artistic working approach. Computer-based designs are balanced and pure, but they haven’t the soul of a free-drawed form.”

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