Alex Hellum

Alex Hellum

Alex Hellum is designer for furniture and products and works with his company Hertford in Great Britain.

Alex Hellum works in tight cooperation with English producers and designs furniture and products, also in smaller amounts and sells them directly to the end user in part or to interior designers, together with his eponymous company. The designer keeps himself and his team the possibility of free creativity regarding design and production in that part of the company.

As designer, Alex Hellum works as furniture and product designer for namely companies such as Thorsten van Elten.

Born in Larvik, Norway, in the year 1966. However, meanwhile he also works in England, where he made his apprenticeship as designer. He also was at the Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College between 1992 and 1994. Afterwards he studied furniture design at the Royal College of Art, where he graduated in 1996.

After his graduation, the financial help of the Craft Council allowed him to found his own design studio. Meanwhile Alex Hollum worked for many namely customers such as Heals, Thorsten van Elten and Ercol.

He developed his own style combining observation, usefulness and the real usage of material. His works often begin pragmatically, by analysing the usage and also the necessary meaning of the product. Alex Hollum believes that there is always a practical solution in design and that it is the job of the designer to really offer the existence authorization to a product.

Alex Hollum designs objects with the aim of giving them a natural long duration in its shape and function. The used materials offer character, integrity and depth to his products.

Alex Hollum had his first own exposition called “Thoughts on Furniture” in Norway in the year 2001. With the support of the Norwegian Design Council, the exposition was presented in Oslo in 2002. The exposition expressed how people use their furniture far from the real thoughts of designers.

Menwhole Alex Hollum was drawn back to his ancient school, the Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College where he leads the tutorial for Contemporary Furniture Design. He furthermore began teaching at the Kingston University in December 2005.

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