Alexa Lixfeld


Menu - Cylindrical Tray Menu - Cylindrical Tray Ø 28 cm, white €39.95 *Menu - Cylindrical Vase Menu - Cylindrical Vase S, white €29.95 *Menu - Cylindrical Container with Lid Menu - Cylindrical Container with Lid, white €29.95 *Menu - Cylindrical Planting Pot Menu - Cylindrical Planter S, white €49.95 *Menu - Cylindrical Planting Pot Menu - Cylindrical Planter L, white €79.95 *Menu - Circular Bowl Menu - Circular Bowl, cloud stone €229.95 *
Alexa Lixfeld

Before her career as designer, Alexa Lixfeld worked as a model for 10 years. Afterwards she studied design in Germany and the Netherlands. After her graduation, she became independent in 2007.

Lixfeld runs her own design studio in Hamburg today. The designer creates exceptional objects that are different from other works and positioned as far away of industrial production as possible. Her portfolio mainly consists of projects that come together of the most different fields.

The specialty of Alexa Lixfeld is to make something spectacular out of simple objects. That’s the reason why her products have already been exhibited in numerous galleries from London over Paris to Tokyo.

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