Alken & Bengtsson

Alken & Bengtsson

Maria Bengtsson studied graphic design at the arts university Konstfack in Stockholm. Thomas E. Alken Møbel studied industrial design at the Danmark Designskole in Copenhagen. Together, they work for Georg Jensen as “Alken & Bengtsson“.

Thomas E. Alken MDD reached his diploma at the Copenhagen design schook in 1997 and continued studying at the University for arts and design in Helsinki. He founded his own designs tudio in 1997 in Copenhagen. He is the manager of the administration council of the “Cabinetmakers Autumn Exhibition” SE and member of the committee of Danish Designers MDD since 2007. He also became a member of the school council of the Denmark Designskole in Copenhagen in 2009.

Thomas E. Alken still has his own design studio in the city center of Copenhagen, near the beautiful botanic garden. His studio focuses on furniture and product design as well as on design support and advice for Danish and international customers. Alken describes his design studio as small but passionate with wide know-how and huge ambitions. ”We believe in the power of a strong concept. Starting with a functional and pretty form focussinf on the human body and the surrounding we want to design long lasting products. Thereby we optimize material and production procedures in a structured and open work process.”

Maria Bengtsson, graphic designer and illustrator graduated at the Swedish Arts University Konstfack in Stockholm in 1997 and then continued studying industrial design in Helsinki and the Danmark Designskole Copenhagen. Maria Bengtsson was born in Mora, Sweden in 1968, in a landscape surrounded by deep forests, seas and mountains. Those elements are still a huge source of inspiration for her works. She is based in Copenhagen since 1998, working as freelance graphic designer in her own studio since 1998.

Design and print of glass and ceramic as well as print design for textiles are part of her projects. Larger projects are made in cooperation with other designers, such as industrial and furniture designers like Thomas E. Alken, who became a more regular cooperation partner. Maria Bengtsson also worked for numerous graphic design projects such as books, layouts, logos and graphic appearance images for companies and editorials, and she moreover illustrates magazines, books, journals as well as fashion.

”It is important to work in a dialogue with the customer, but also to find time for more free projects such as expositions and researches.”

Together with a colleague she founded the own design studio RHG3. Nine designers are based in the studio in the city centre of Copenhagen, near the botanic garden, in an ancient bakery.