Anders Folke Andersen

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Anders Folke Andersen

Andersen doesn’t really come from the design branch: The Danish is a trained carpenter. In his “first career” he created stages for the Danish film branch.

Anders Folke Andersen learned his handicraft at the famous Danish furniture factory Niels Roth Andersen and he finished his apprenticeship in 2000. His final project, a mahogany table, brought him a bronze medal at the Best Design Award of the Danish specialized magazine Bolig Magasinet.

It is really unavoidable to connect design with good handicraft when you are in Scandinavia, and this is how Andersen also decided to work in the design branch. The starting moment for his second career came easily: when the designer Anders Folke Andersen and his partner Rikke Beck Christensen searched a suitable couch table for their living room, but without success. That was when both of them took charge of the duty themselves and founded Foxy Potato. The Beck series of Andersen was also nominated for the desired Danish prize he won before.

The basis for all the Foxy Potato products and Anders Folke Andersen is unique, Danish design combined with uncompromising quality, ensured by the regional manufacturing and the best materials.