Andre Stocker

André Stocker

André Stocker develops and designs products and concepts for renowned international companies and brands of consumers’ and investigation goods since more than 12 years. Moreover his Offenbach design studio finds solutions for corporate design and offers national and international fair-performances for the customers. The team consists of some experienced designers and a network of specialists.

André Stocker: ”We are influenced by daily impressions of the environment, nature and technology as well as arts and culture and we search for new and unique concepts and ideas, which will sustainably and positively emboss our daily life regarding product design. Design is oriented to people and their individual demands. This is how we use different knowledge and work with specialists of the different project-developments according to the project and the demands.”

Thereby the design studio supports the orders starting from the idea to the realization: The competences of the team reach from a grey market observation to the technical develop,ent of a product. Finding ideas, creative tools, prototypes, 3D models, animations and assembly instructions are the daily work. André Stocker Design offers high competence and pragmatic solutions for questions of ergonomics, usability, colours, material, construction and realization process.

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