Designer Andreas Krob

Andreas Krob

The 1969 in Niebüll, Schleswig-Holstein born Andreas Krob first studied construction engineering, but soon changed to the Arts and Crafts University Muthesius, to the Industrial Design faculty. After a semester abroad in Italy, he initially worked as a freelance, after his graduation however, he worked as development engineer for international companies such as Thonet, Röder Haworth, Provenda, Samas or Sitag.

He moved to Switzerland in 2002 and here founded the office B4K Bureau4Dimensions Krob together with his wife in 2003. B4K unifies the skills of an architect and an industrial designer and stands for sensible design of demanding, innovative duties out of design and architecture areas.

Thereby the design process didn’t focus only on the furniture piece, but especial attention is laid on room development and high quality appearances. B4K work forms out of the function, which is why there isn’t arbitrariness. The office works for leading European companies out of high quality object furnishing areas. Among them are Bene, Thonet, Samas Martin Stoll, Interstuhl, Classicon, BN Office Solutions, Stilo.