Andrée Putman

Andrée Putman

Andrée Putman was born the 23rd December 1925 in Paris. The works of the French designer and interior architect are transcending genres.

Putman started her career as a journalist for the fashion and lifestyle magazine Elle. At the same time she designed accessories for the household store chain Prisunic. The Paris founded her own office for interior design – Ecart - in 1978 and her current company named Andrée Putman Sarl in 1997. Her unmistakable style made her one of the most successful and famous French designers.

Always independent from intellectual circles, Putman always liked to connect approaches of different disciplines in order to create her own design language. She designed products and furniture for renowned companies such as Fermob, Emeco, Serralunga or Poltronafrau among others.

Far from products for homes, the French designer also designed the interior furnishing of some hotels and shops. Some of her customers are for example the Ritz Carlton, Cacharel, Cartier, Karl Lagerfeld and Yves Saint Laurent. Andrée Putman didn’t at last design the interior furnishing for the Concorde, which disappeared from the public access with the aeroplane. The airy designs of the French Putman still remind us of the futuristic aeroplane.

Andrée Putman passed by in Paris in 2013.

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