Antonio Scaffidi


bruunmunch - Remedy 3-Seater bruunmunch - Remedy 3-Seater, light grey (Hallingdal 130) €3,680.00 *bruunmunch - Remedy 3-Seater bruunmunch - Remedy 3-Seater, Sheepy (grey charcoal 316) €2,930.00 *
Antonio Scaffidi

Design with the Intention to Improve Things

Antonio Scaffidi is a Danish furniture and product designer who lives and works in Copenhagen. Before he studied at the renowned Danish School for Design and received his degree, he completed an apprenticeship as a cabinetmaker, which strongly influence his drafts and expertise.

He runs his own design studio in the heart of Copenhagen. A general perception of good and exceptional design as a combination of creative ideas with the intention to optimise things, has earned him the confidence of many employees.

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