Arman Emami designed the Neolog watch

Arman Emami

“Product design is more than function-fulfilment, technique and ratio. It is an instinct, curiosity, delightment and passion. Product design is the aesthetic embodiment of a solution by an object. It is the shaping’s poetry.”

Arman Emami has been honoured several times for his designs in the Berlin design office Emamidesign – founded by him. Among the prizes he won are the red dot award, the Good Design Award Japan as well as the nomination for the design prize of the Federal Republic Germany.

The forms - consequently reduced to the essential-, the sensual touch and the demand of innovation offer the Emamidesign products their unmistakable face. Unobtrusive and charming at the same time, technique and aesthetics are connected with clear lines in quietness and harmony and new thoughts are clearly displayed.

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