Arnout Visser

Arnout Visser

Arnout Visser was born in 1962 and studied from 1984 to 1989 at the Art School in Arnhem. In 1990 he graduated again from the Domus Academy in Milan.

Since 1991 does Arnout Visser work independently. He calls himself a designer and formfinder. Visser combines different design disciplines like product design, graphic design, and interior design. He uses different materials, from glass to ceramic and metall, even water was used.

When Visser has a favoured material is it glass: Glass goes from expedient to decorative, simple forms to innovation - glass gives a lot of possibilities. With this almost scientific exploratory urge and his fascination for the material and technical methods designs Arnout Visser everytime new technics and products.

Vissers works were awarded with a lot of different international design prizes, e.g. won his Optic Glasses in 2007 the Red Dot Design Award.

His products display themselves through their absolute abidance of the original use of an object. Visser gives his object the ideal form which it needs to fulfill its function ideal.

Visser is a student of the famous Bauhaus-School and its spin-off. He always gives his designs a humorous touch.

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