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Peleg Design - Yolkfisch yolk separator Peleg Design - Yolkfisch yolk separator €11.95 *
Ben Broyde

Israeli design with humour

Good design should be functional but make people happy like a child every time a new toy comes, in Ben Broyde’s opinion. His designs are exciting and always a little playful, just like the Yolkfisch of Peleg Design. The kitchen tool is a bright orange yolk separator looking like a goldfish, which absorbs the egg yolk with his huge mouth and separates it from the protein egg white. The Israeli designer graduated with distinction at the Holon Institute of technology.

Design Studio with three principles

Peleg is a design studio that became a manufacturer now. There are three basic principles behind the designs of Peleg Design: Functionality, aesthetics and humour.

Peleg Design manufactures products for everyday life. Products, that are useful and resistant in the office and at home every day. But always with a twist, as seen in the 'floating' wine stand of Peleg: Optical illusions that expand borders and break conventions are typical of the Israeli designer and manufacturer. Thereby Peleg never forgets the functionality that is often only revealed in surprising ways on the second glance.

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