Benjamin Graindorge

Moustache - The Cave Table Lamp Moustache - The Cave Table Lamp, white €250.00 *
Benjamin Graindorge

Born in 1980, the French Benjamin Graindorge is a shining star in the design sky today.

After his graduation at the ENSCI (École nationale supérieure de création industrielle) in Paris in 2006, Graindorge was booked for different expositions and nominated for some design awards because of his project of “domesticated landscapes” (Paysage domestique), among others. Nature is the model of Graindorge’s designs: His creations connect design with original shapes, but without losing the design clearness.

After Graindorge was in Kyoto for a while to be inspired by natural Japanese design, the French came back home in order to work together with François Bauchet for the Saint-Étienne Biennial. Graindorge presented an exposition-collection which includes objects that are all about dreams in 2011 for the first time.

Benjamin Graindorge already worked with renowned manufacturers such as Ligne Roset, Moustache and Artuce, The French also continuously exposes design objects in the Paris gallery YMER&MALTA and other art galleries.

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