Bevk Perović


Vertigo Bird - Slim Pendant Lamp Vertigo Bird - Slim Pendant Lamp (horizontally), soft white €500.00 *Vertigo Bird - Smoke Floor Lamp, House Vertigo Bird - Smoke Floor Lamp, house, grey €416.50 *
Bevk Perović

The architecture office Bevk Perović was founded in 1997. Both architects Matija Bevk and Vasa J. Perović stand behind the office’s name.

Matija Bevk was born in Ljubljana in Slovakia in 1972. In 1999 he graduated in architecture at the University of Ljubljana in the same city.

His colleague Vasa J. Perović was born in Belgrade in 1965. In 1992 he graduated in architecture at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade and then made his Master in the following two years at the Belgrade Institute of Architecture in the Netherlands Amsterdam.

Soon after, Bevk and Perović founded their eponymous architecture office. They designed the Slim pendant lamp for Vertigo Bird, which has been honoured with the red dot design award in 2009.

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