Börge Lindau

Börge Lindau

Börge Lindau, born in Åhus, Sweden, 1932, is one of Sweden’s most well known and appreciated designers.
He graduated at ”Slöjdföreningen” nowadays HDK, School of Design & Craft, in Gothenburg, in 1962 where he got to know his colleague Bo Lindekrantz with whom he would have a long lasting business relation in their own company.
During the seventies and eighties he worked together with him in their own company Lindau & Lindekrantz.

During the cooperation, several trend-setting seating furnitures were created which were produced by the Swedish manufacturer Lammhults Mekaniska. The S 70 series which was created in 1968 and the X-75 series with the folding chair X-75-2 which is shown in several design museums, belong to the successful furniture series which have been designed in that time.

In 1986, Lindau founded his own furniture company Blå Station which name is composed out of his initials of Börge Lindau and his hometown Åhus. Since the death of Lindau in 1999, the company is run by his children Mimi and Johan. The furniture created by Börge Lindau is still produced there.

Lindaus preffered working materials were birch wood, steel and leather which he also used in governmental, municipal and private buildings. During his creative time, Lindau won several awards for his work. Just to mention a few: he was awarded with the Lunning Award 1969, SID’s designaward 1975, 1984 and 1987 and as a designer and producer of Blå Station he got also the Excellent Swedish Design Award.