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Bruno Ninaber van Eyben


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Bruno Ninaber van Eyben

As the renowned technical University Delft has had an “Industrial Design” professorship to offer, the decision wasn’t difficult at all: one of the most famous Netherlands designers, Bruno Ninaber van Elten was invited.

And also his students are proud of him, when they pay their food in the Mensa with Netherlands Euro coins whose national side has been designed by their professor. Many of them are sad that only one side of the coins was shaped by him, and not like before the whole Gulden coins.

Bruno Ninaber van Eyben, whose designs are in the world’s best design collections in the renowned collections of the “New collection Munich” since decades, was born in the Netherlands Boxtel in 1950.

Ninaber is pragmatic. Design is firstly the solution of problems for him. But it is not enough for him if products only do what they were made for fulfilling only technical functions. The poetic quality is as important for him, as the technical one. Therefore he integrated beauty, because it forms a tranquility pole and people today have a huge wish for peace by means of beauty, compensating all the negative news they receive every day, much more than before. With this fully value approach of his work, he wants to offer a meaningful, social part to it.