Carlo Tinti

Carlo Tinti

Carlo Tinti, designer, begins his activity in the world of interior impassioning himself to the study of custom furniture. Subsequently he specialized at the studio of Gianpaolo Benedini and Marco Ferreri.

Carlo Tinti’s polymeric personalità brings him to venture upon field of set-designing for television shows, as the one for “Primatist Trophy” Show broadcasted in Rai (90’s). In the field of the equipments, to remember the job for the Regioner Lombardia “l’isola in mezzo al Po”. In the field of industrial design always during 90’s he’s selected in the Morelato contest with “365” chair and a firm ramson paper “Forbici” for Rex Built In.

In 2000 Carlo Tinti moves to Venice and deep A+Co, an object and graphics company. Currently lives and works in Mestre (Venice) and he alternates the project activity to didactics activity, collaboratine with psychologists and educator in the creative laboratories inside penitentiary institutes of Venice area. Companies whit he collaborates are: Agape -Bosa ceramics –Bross –Casamania - Dimensione Disegno -Exde by Cattaneo -Mizar -Ribò –Twils –Valentini imbottiti.

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