Chiaki Murata

Chiaki Murata

Chiaki Murata is the head behind the Japanese company Metaphys. The 1959 born designer finished his studies at the Osaka City University in 1982 and soon worked for the Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd. Besides the work at product design Murata has also been participating at designs of concepts for new projects.

Murata founded the company Hers Experimental Design Laboratory, Inc. in the year 1986, where he still is the managing director. Different innovative products are developed by him with this brand.

Chiaki Murata wasn’t satisfied by only working in product design. That is the reason why he entered the Japan Design Society, sat in the jury of the Good Design Award, teaches at different Universities and performs in TV shows. The field of active design still was his focused area and that is how Chaiki Murata became managing director of Metaphys and designs with that name interesting and practical products.

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