Christoph van Bömmel

Christoph van Bömmel

Christoph van Bömmel was born in 1976 in Mönchengladbach, Germany. After an apprenticeship as a cabinet maker and a degree in design at several different universities, he worked among others for NOA, Germany and LightBox, Singapore.

His way of working is characterized through goal orientation, a pleasure for experiments and pragmatism. ”When starting, I think about the end. The end of the design process and its presentation […]. It just gives me pleasure to find new ways, materials and techniques which might be suitable for my product. Through this intensive analysis new approaches and new ways emerge which I did not include in my product conception at the beginning. Thus, strange ways of thinking will be frequently turned into feasible possibilities. However, I always keep in mind that my primary aim is to create a product which is useful and wins over its personality.”

As especially attractive and stimulating, Christoph van Bömmel perceives the light. “Thereby, it is not the shape forming of a light source which is most important. Moreover, it is important that the light as one of the oldest elements in its useful and atmospherically way emphasizes its role in the life of the people and to give the light to the people. So, in the design process, I try to design carefully and emphasize every little detail in the same way. Thus, I hope to end with a product which wins over the expression of its feelings and its function. Furthermore, it should just impress the user.

The Bravit candle which was created by Christoph van Boemmel for Authentics fascinates the beholder for sure. Thus, it was rightly awarded with the Design Plus Award in 2006 and furthermore shortlistened for the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany in 2007.