Christopher Holtz-Kathan

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Christopher Holtz-Kathan

Christopher Holtz-Kathan is the grandson of Hermann Holtz, the founder of the eponymous Wiesbaden family company. He manages the company Holtz in the third generation now and he also designs products.

As many children do, Christopher Holtz-Kathan also dreamed of becoming a pilot once. After an apprenticeship getting to know the hard worker’s life, he soon realized that he would become the manager of the family’s company instead: The versatile tasks and the different skills needed for it were much more interesting to the grandson of the company’s founder, who leads the tradition of the family company successfully since 2006.

Since Christopher Holtz-Kathan is the manager of the company, Holtz already won the “Big Prize of the Middle Class” (Großer Preis des Mittelstandes in German) in 2011 and the three brands Transotype, Copic and mangetoplan were unified under the Holtz Office Support GmbH’s roof.

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