David Lewis

David Lewis

David Whitfield Lewis was born in London in 1939 and was a British-Danish designer, who deciding embossed the look of Bang & Olufsen’s products along many years.

The British David Lewis lived in Denmark since the 1960s, where he passed by in 2011. Here he started his career as free employee fir the audio specialist Bang & Olufsen. In the 70s he founded his own design studio in the Danish capital Copenhagen, but his name remained mainly connected to Bang & Olufsen.

Some works of David Lewis went into the New York MoMA, and also numerous further awards go to the account of the British Danish designer. Lewis made products until the end of his life, the last thing he designed was a laptop for the manufacturer Asus in 2010.

His studio David Lewis Designers still exists in Copenhagen. Some designers work to keep the heritage of David Lewis.

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