Eric Degenhardt

Eric Degenhardt

Eric Degenhardt was born in Cologne, Germany. He studied Architecture at the Rheinisch Westfälisch Technische Hochschule in Aachen and has worked on several architectural projects before he switched his focus towards furniture and industrial design - after spending a time in London.

Taking his idea of space and architecture, it was a logical step to move away from the big scale and move towards the smaller scale. It is the furniture and the products, together with the users, that finally define the function of an architectonical space. He tends towards formal lightness - letting the pieces hover, with sleek shapes and clean details and a minimum of different materials. Since setting up his own studio in Cologne in 2000, he has developed furniture, packaging and architectonical spaces for international clients including:

AEROME (Germany), BASF COATINGS (Germany), BÖWER (Germany), BOFFI (Italy), LAMY (Germany), MAGAZIN (Germany) OBJECT COLLECTION (Canada), PAOLA LENTI (Italy), PROGETTI (Italy), RICHARD LAMPERT (Germany), SCHÖNBUCH (Germany), WILKHAHN (Germany)

Many of his designs have received international design awards - and have been exhibited worldwide. He was guest professor at the Free University of Bolzano (Italy), he still teaches as invited lecturer or critic and holds workshops across Europe.

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