feldmann + schultchen

feldmann+schultchen design studios were established in 1994 by the designers André Feldmann and Arne Schultchen. Today the two partners, together with designer and co-managing director Stephan Kremerskothen, head an interdisciplinary team of 18 designers and communication experts.

feldmann+schultchen focuses on the power, which combines people with the brands. The design-experts developed innovative products, which make the nature of brands visible, noticeable, and share its perception. So it succeeds to design the connectioon between people and brands with sense and sensuality. The special quality of the interdisciplinary – and with the different excersises – the team has the skills, to experience the ability and design it then.

The challenges of the design soecialists are multiple: starting with the logo of Corporate Identity, from product and their package, from furniture to architecture. The feldmann+schultchen design studios work for international customers since their foundation. Among them are Altria, Bacardi, Carlsberg, Deutsche See, Duckstein, Europcar, the Holsten Brewery, Microsoft and the Verlag Friedrich Oetinger.

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