Fernando Prado


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Fernando Prado

The name Fernando Prado is also an influential reason for the recognition that Brazil gained on the international design-map in the past years. The head of the lamps-manufacturer Lumini is celebrated as a star in his home-town since many years.

Prado is the specialist for decorative technical illuminants. His handicraft background is industrial design. His works are not only characterized by expensive technical solutions, but also by simple mechanic elements – that is how the used should be animated to interact with the lamp and to change the atmosphere with it.

Meanwhile his works are also recognized internationally, this is proven by numerous design awards which have honored Prado’s works. The list is extremely prominent: Besides Brazil awards, he also won the Good Design Award, the Design Plus Award, the iF Gold Award and the Red Dot Design Award. This list isn’t complete, but only marks a single product: Prado’s greatest success until now, the Bossa Pendant lamp by Lumini.