François Azambourg

François Azambourg

The designer François Azambourg was born in France in 1963. After his apprenticeship as electrician and his design career in Paris, Azambourg started working, with many people seeing more an artist than a designer in him.

Azambourgs designs are characterized by innovative materials. This enabled unusual projects – such as the improvement of a saxophone. François Azambourg has also equipped numerous schools along his career.

François Azambourg’s design connect the inside with the outside becoming a harmonic, completed image. Weightless and reduced designs with the “inside” and the “outside” united emerge since the materials the French designer uses have always been very important to him. This is how Azambourg meanwhile patented many inventions and got numerous awards for them. His unusual deisgn approach makes François Azambourg work together with exceptional manufacturers such as Cappellini, Moustache and Ligne Roset.

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