Maik Gaida and Leonid Goldin

Gaida + Goldin

Gaida & Goldin - Industrial Design focusses on the conception, design, technical realization and visualization of consumer goods such as furniture pieces, lamps, home and kitchen accessories since 2011. This occurs by means of sketches, the construction of prototypes as well as of CAD models.

Maik Gaida and Leonid Goldin also offer photo-realistic 3D visualizations of their products and package ideas, in order to explain complex details on an easier way. Hereby they especially concentrate on visualizations and animations of 3D data, the creation of renderings including photomontage for presentations, interiors and furniture visualizations (also in animations), as well as photo-editing and creation of 3D illustrations.

Both diploma designers moreover focus on the realization of exact and functional scale models and the development of dummies of all kinds, not depending on the material, size and field of application.

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