Gerhard Gerber

Mox - Tris Coat Rack Mox - Tris Floor Wardrobe €475.00 *

After finishing his apprenticeship and several years of business experience as carpenter and carpenter work preparer, Gerhard Gerber studied Industrial Design at the University for Design and arts in Zurich.

He won an architecture competition for high chairs for nature observation in the year 2005 with “Kuckuck”. In the same year his seating bench “mister spock” was nominated for the Bern Design Award. Also in the year 2005, Gerhard Gerber wins the Subsidized Award Diploma Work hgkz02 with “zwischen Himmel und Erde” (between sky and earth). He designed the church furniture for the Evangelic reformed church community Wichtracht. His product “kleiner Helfer” (small helper) was nominated for the Hasenpreis in 2010, as well as “Rumba” the plants bowl has been nominated for the Bern Design Award in the same year.

As diploma designer FH / Industrial Designer, Gerhard Gerber founded the company “gerhardgerbergestaltung” the 1st of September of 2002. Among others he designs for namely manufacturers such as Mox.

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