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byGraziela - Poster ABC byGraziela - Poster ABC €19.90 *byGraziela - Children's Dishes Train byGraziela - Children's Dishes Train, 3 pieces €40.00 *byGraziela - Poster Farm byGraziela - Poster Farm €19.90 *byGraziela - Poster Circus byGraziela - Poster Circus €19.90 *byGraziela - Farm Pillowcase byGraziela - Pillowcase Farm 40 x 40 cm €14.90 *byGraziela - Bed Linen Clover byGraziela - Bed Linen Set Clover, 135 x 200 / 80 x 80 cm, blue/grey €62.90 *byGraziela - Children's Dishes 1,2,3 byGraziela - Children's Dishes 1,2,3, set of 3 €40.00 *byGraziela - Poster Train byGraziela - Poster Train 50 x 70cm €19.90 *byGraziela - Bed linen Train byGraziela - Bed Linen Train 135 x 200cm €62.90 *byGraziela - Pillowcase Train byGraziela - Pillowcase Train 40 x 40cm €14.90 *byGraziela - Mug Heart byGraziela - Mug Heart, red €15.00 *byGraziela - Bed Linen Farm byGraziela - Bed Linen Set Farm 135 x 200cm / 80 x 80cm €62.90 *byGraziela - Reversible Bed Linen Hearts byGraziela - Reversible Bed Linen Hearts 135 x 200cm, grey €62.90 *byGraziela - Children's Bed Linen Apple byGraziela - Children's Bed Linen Apple, blue / green €49.90 *byGraziela - Bed Linen Apple byGraziela - Bed Linen Apple 135 x 200 cm, blue €62.90 *

Graziela Preiser

Graziela Preiser works as successful graphic designer, illustrator and creative director since many years. Besides her work for several lifestyle magazines, she created collections for bed linen, children’s trends and dishes. The typical Graziela patterns became especially famous by the Brigitte magazine whose order trends came exceptionally from her in the 70s. Also other namely companies, among them Rosenthal, Dibbern and Dierig included Graziela’s designs in their collections.

The name Graziela became a successful brand that delighted parents and children equally. Typical characteristics of their productions are fresh happy colours and a clear, placate design for young and old. Viewable signs of her success: gold medals for industry expositions in San Diego, USA, from the Academia Italia and the German Art Directors Club.

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