Hani Rashid

Hani Rashid

Hani Rashid was born in Kairo in 1958. His mother is a native Britain and his father Egyptian. His brother is the famous designer Karim Rashid.

Hani Rashid grew up in England and Kanata and made his bachelor graduation in Ottawa in 1983. His master he reached in 1985 at the Cranbrook Academy of Art in the USA.

He founded the company Asymptome together with Lise Anne Couture in 1988. Moreover, Hani Rashid was professor for architecture at the Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture and Planning and taught at different other educational institutions all over the world.

Hani Rashid’s works reach from room-installations up to digital architecture. The room-like and architectural approach is also mirrored in his product design, for example in his “Trina” pens holder, which he designed for Alessi.

The works that Hani Rashid designed together with Asymptome, are viewable in different design museums all around the world.

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