Helen Johannessen

Helen Johannessen / Yoyo Ceramics

Since she was 16 years old, Helen Johannessen was interested in clay and ceramic. It all begun with an evening course in pottery. She researched the material she chose more intensively and made it her job from that moment.

Helen Johannessen works as shapes and model constructor in the ceramic industry since 1995, two years of those in the movie industry. That tame embossed her a lot and made her idea grow, to make things look a bit different, but still being clever and practical.

Then the collection “Is that plastic?” emerged in the year 2003, a series of ceramic containers whose appearance was inspired by the famous looks of the Tupperware containers. It was presented in the same year at 100% Design. She is produced by the English manufacturer Thorsten van Elten since 2008.

Helen Johannessen is chef designer from Yoyo Ceramics. She designs ceramic products for greater and smaller contractors there. The most important thing at her work is to have fun, as Helen Johannessen believes. She wants to give the customer the understanding of fun at ceramic work.

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