Henk Stallinga (Studio Stallinga BV)

Henk Stallinga (Studio Stallinga BV)

The designer Henk Stallinga graduated in the Rietveld Academy. After he finished his studies there in the year 1994, he soon founded his own design-studio and began to shape his own products. With his objects he participated in the expositions in the Stedelijk Museum and the Museum of Modern Art.

His Studio Stallinga BV became an internationally recognized design smithy for design-products. The studio which is based in Amsterdam is lead by Henk Stallinga and Annemarie Gelani. Studio Stallinga produces products of versatile segments like clock’s, accessories and garden furniture.

The studio searches the balance of functionality and imagination with his works. The result should make the viewer think about the product’s functionality and his own habits. With through-thought design and the combination or new materials and techniques an object and its use should get new meanings and expand the habits of the user with new facets.

Beside the own designs that are for example produced by the Netherlands company Good Products, Studio Stallinga also works on commissioning. Among the namely clients there are Heineken International, Sony, Bosch and Siemens.

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