Henriette Westedahl Leth

Henriette Westendahl Leth

Henriette W. Leth graduated in the Danish Design School in Copenhagne in 1998. She works as counselor for interior architecture as furniture designer since 1999. Henriette Leth designs interior furnishing for private rooms and works as reporter for design magazines in Denmark and abroad.

Henriette Westendahl explained her philosophy: ”It isn’t about how something looks, but what feelings it creates.” That’s the base for the Danish to build up her complete work on.”People have different styles, tastes and opinions about what looks good. That’s the reason why I concentrate on the feeling of the product inside of the room. Furthermore I was trained as Neo Feng Shui-advisor, which taught me the importance of colours and balance in rooms. When I design, I always keep in mind the feelings a product makes me feel.”

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