Holland Vormgevers

Holland Vormgevers

The design studio Holland Vormgevers was founded in 1996 and it consists of the designers Ed van Veldhoven and Mandy Appel. The studio concentrates on product design and graphical shaping and the design is thought including the smallest details.

Ed van Veldhoven calls himself “out of the box”-thinker with a special feeling for trends. He studied at the Design Academa in Eindhoven and learned how to design with love and to work orders as challenge and not only as another possibility of earning money.

Mandy Appel is the planning force of the studio and she learned visual marketing and graphic design in St Luke, Boxtel. Many Appel avoids short-lasting and fugitive trends and she loves Holland’s tradition.

The common works of the designers are based on product design, which has a usage for everyone. Since they don’t fear manufacturing or transport costs as long as a product is good.

The “Tumble-Cup” by Holland Vormgevers was already honoured with the Design Plus Award.

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