Inga Reimers


Troika - Kniff 2 Business Card Case Troika - Kniff 2 S-Grip Business Card Holder, black €17.00 *
Inga Reimers

„Enough things that won’t be more than they are, convincing with just that.“

Already during her studies at the university Hannover, the product designer Inga Reimers proved that exceptional objects can be astonishing and long-lasting at the same time on the Troika Junior Design Award. With the business cards-etui she won the first prize on the second Troica Competition in the year 2007. Furthermore she was the “honorable mention” at the red dot design award and received recognition at the “from head to toes …daily companies for old and young” also in the year 2008.

Her graduation work turned around what characterizes the “value of good things” – “What makes up the beauty of a paperclip? Where lies the longevity of the Bialetti espresso flask and what role do archetypes play when it comes to design?”. The encyclopedia by Inga Reimers explains the value of good things a bit closer.

Charming and thought – not for nothing honored and conversed by everyone.