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Iris Zohar

The Israeli designer Iris Zohar is driven by the design concept when it comes to creative processes. This is the core and source of inspiration, heart and soul from the yet unborn products by her. When the final form of the product reflects the concept, they complement each other and create a unity similar to the harmony between body and mind.

The design process begins with the analysis and the understanding of the demands and visions from the customer for Iris Zohar. From here her concept emerges: a concept which has to be strong enough to lead further creative processes. The product has to embody the concept on an innovative and unique way. Iris Zohar finds it very important to focus on clear and clean lines that support the product's concept.

Iris Zohar doesn't only want to fulfil marketing aims and the demands of her customers with her products, but she also wants to satisfy the wishes of the final user. The end of the product concept means the beginning of the product’s life.

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