Irmgard Frank

Irmgard Frank

Born in 1953 in Vienna, Irmgard Frank studied interior architecture, industrial design as well as architecture at the University for Applied Arts in Vienna.

Since the foundation of her own atelier in Vienna in the year 1987, Irmgard Frank already realized reconstructions as well as furniture development for small series. She taught at the ETH inZurich (1988-92), at the University of Applied Art in Vienna (1995-97) as well as at the University for Artistic and Industrial Design in Linz (1997). Since 1998 she manages room-art and design at the TU Graz. Furthermore she is part of the managing committee of the Austrian society for architecture since 1997.

Statement: My specific interest at furniture comes from the confrontation with socio-cultural and product-technical changes. The following guidelines are deciding important for the development of a piece of furniture: sensual function, ambiguity despite of reactions, weightlessness. Furniture have always been an expression of society and the different social sections. The change of cultural value standards, as well as the handicraft and later on technical and industrial production possibilities influenced the utility as well as the shape and material of furniture.

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