Jake Zien

Jake Zien

Jake Zien is a young American designer. Besides the design, technique is his second passion; Zien focusses on quantum physics, programming and typography.

Jake Zien graduated at the Rhode Island School of Design in graphic design and informatics in 2011, but he already worked as freelance designer since 2005. Graphic and publicity design are his hobbies, but the versatile American also concentrates on product design today: The Pivot Power socket, which he designed for Qualy, was soon an international bestseller because of the revolutionary idea.

The American explained about his work: ”The best designers is a person with a whole lot of patience. He would have the time, energy and organization to thing about every detail twice and then create the perfect product. But there is one problem: A designer must be inpatient, since this is the nature of things. The option of waiting takes away the possibility of recognizing problems. So a designer is: someone that works with patience, but only because he can’t wait.”

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