JBA Design

LADP - Birds on a Wire Wall Hook LADP - Birds on a Wire Wall Hook, white €66.00 *
JBA Design

JBA Design is a design studio in Stockholm. The name stands for the surname's initials of the studio's founders: Moa Jantze, Hanna Brogård and Johanna Asshoff.

The three designers have the aim to embellish their surrounding and make it easier at the same time, whereby the daily life should improve as a consequence. JBA Design therefore designs through thought and useful products with a poetical soul and a playful character.

Their inspiration comes from their origin: all three come from a different part of Sweden. So they mix their different influence and modern ideas with tradition, folklore with luxury and traditional Swedish craft with industrial products.

The JBA Design products are accordingly full of fantasy. Just out of that mixture of influences, also the wall hooks Birds on a Wire emerged, which are produced by Launch Design.

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