Joachim Manz

Joachim Manz

Joachim Manz was born in Lunen in 1957. Since the year 1987 he works as an independent artist.

Manz works in the most different fields and creates sculptures, wall works and design as well as he furnishes public rooms. Thereby sculptures form the most wide work range. They are miniatures out of construction material such as concrete and bricks that are mostly presented on steel stands by the artist. Manz developed small-format works, temporary installations, place design in greater dimensions and works for the social need for public rooms.

The products that were designed by Joachim Manz in that category often base on the idea of “sculptures”, “wall pieces” and “art in public rooms”. A pretty example for the sculptural work of the artist is the concrete pendant lamp Trabant which is distributed by the Tecnolumen company.

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