Jody Barton


Hay - Shelter Umbrella Hay - Shelter Umbrella, grey €29.00 *Hay - Shelter Umbrella Hay - Shelter Umbrella, blue €29.00 *
Jody Barton Designer

Jody Barton is an English illustrator and graphic designer, who lives and works in Copenhagen. His portfolio includes humorous stickers and commissioned work for global corporations.

Jody Barton uses pencil drawings for his numerous works, in order to create a new kind of aesthetics for a great broadband of products. Album covers and book covers belong to the broadband, like those for the big Japanese author Haruki Murakami. Stickers, patches, buttons with graphic, almost infantile naïve style belong to Barton’s works.

Jody Barton’s spectrum reaches from visual arts of conceptual works up to straight-lined commissioned design works. His versatility is the reason why his works are hard to resume in categories. But that flexibility is exactly why he is allowed to cross borders and to try out new methods.

Jody Barton already worked for big companies like VW, Sony, Microsoft or Nike. The Britain is very productive in general terms: At the same time he writes a blog and is active in social media. His works were also already presented in numerous exhibitions all over the world.

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