John + Samantha Ritschl-Lassoudry


Belux - Twilight Light Column Belux - Twilight light column, halogen €1,618.00 *
John + Samantha Ritschl-Lassoudry

John + Samantha Ritschl-Lassoudry lead the Lassoudry Archiformes Studio together.

John Ritschl-Lassoudry was born the 60th Mai of 1959 in Basel and was trained in the USA, Switzerland and Germany. Since 1985 he works as an interior architect.

Samantha Ritschl-Lassoudry was born the 20th of January of 1970 in Lorient in France and visited schools in Paris and London. Her graduation as interior architect she made in Paris. Since 1994 she works as interior architect.

In 1996 John and Samantha married and founded Larroudry Archiformes one year later, in 1997. The office is specialized on designs of furnishings and products on national and international level.

The designers focus on the demands of the marked on one side and on the demands of their customers on the other side. Quality and individual designs are the strength of John + Samantha Ritschl-Lassoudry and their team. They also designed the Twilight light pillar for Belux.

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