Karen Bit Vejle

Karen Bit Vejle

The expressivity of Karen Bit Vejle is psaligraphy. Behind that word there is the art of cutting with scissors, which is how the Norwegian designs all her products.

Karen Bit Vejle opened her first exhibition in Trondheim in 2008 and only a few years later she sold her works all over Scandinavia. The Norwegian with Danish roots also travelled the USA and China, where her connection of ancient handicraft tradition with modern design resulted to be interesting.

The arts of scissoring already started in the first century of our calendar. Before paper was used to write on it, the inventors of papers of China started to cut artistic patterns in it. Velje herself explains about her artworks: ”My heart and my soul are peaceful when I have scissors in my hands and there is paper dancing between the blades.”

Karen Bit Vejle tells a magical story with her scissors. Love for details, humour and the fun with small things inspire the designer when it comes to create something new. Contrasting the modern world, psaligraphy is a slow kind of art, it is personal and analogue. A funny mistake is able to break the whole work. There is the need of perfection, duration and heart for a perfect picture. That’s the reason why the designs of Karen Bit Vejle transport so many emotions.

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