Katsuji Wakisaka

Marimekko - Pieni Green Green Potholder Marimekko - Pieni Green Green Potholder, grey / brown (Autumn 2016) €10.50 *Marimekko - Pieni Green Green Tote Bag Marimekko - Pieni Green Green Tote Bag, grey / brown (Autumn 2016) €29.00 *Marimekko - Pieni Green Green Oven Glove Marimekko - Pieni Green Green Oven Glove, grey / brown (Autumn 2016) €18.50 *Kumiseva Tray by Marimekko in the shop Marimekko - Kumiseva Tray Ø 65 cm (winter 2016) €135.00 *Marimekko - Kumiseva Floor Cushion Marimekko - Kumiseva Floor Cushion, 65 x 65 cm, (winter 2016) €99.00 *
Katsuji Wakisaka

Katsuji Wakisaka was the first Japanese to work for the Finnish company Marimekko in 1968. The creative cultural influences are recognizable in the designs of him.

Wakisaka studied at the Arts University in Kyoto. His designs are characterized by playful, naïve and cartoon-like styles, which were part of the Japanese popular culture established long before. This style crosses borders between children’s rooms and living rooms.

Despite of the Far East origin, Wakisaka’s designs wonderfully fit in the design language of Marimekko: Powerful colours and organic shapes are as essential for Wakisaka as for many Scandinavian designers.