Designer Kirsty Whyte

Kirsty Whyte

Kirsty Whyte grew up in England, where she also graduated in Decorative Arts at the Trent University in Nottingham. After her studies she was invited to be an international guest student at the Kalmar University in Sweden.

After her return to England, Kirsty Whyte continued working for different companies for a while, before she founded her own studio in 2009. Kirsty Whyte worked in Shanghai from 2011 to 2012, where she made use of the possibility of working directly together with the producers. Since her return, the Britain also works in furniture and accessories design areas.

Kirsty Whyte explained: ”It is my ambition to design a classic for the future, something customers will like to keep. I believe that the material a product is made of is the most important thing in order to be successful and this is how I include the potential of each material into the design process.”

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