Kouichi Okamoto

Kyouei Design - Liquid Bookmark Kyouei Design - Liquid Bookmark, red €18.00 *Kyouei-Design - Balloon Lamp Kyouei-Design - Balloon Lamp €30.00 *
Kouichi Okamoto

Kouichi Okamoto’s designs bribe by simple design and brilliantly unconventional ideas. Maybe that is due to the unconventional career of the young designer. Kouichi Okamoto never visited a design school. He learned the design rules by himself.

Before he began his career as designer, Kouichi Okamoto was a successful DJ for electric music. Among others, he also produces with the famous Dutch Star-DJ Misjah. His maybe most successful hit was “In the Sky”. From the discs-table he suddenly changed to the drawing table.

Kouichi Okamoto is CEO and a successful managing designer for Kyouei-Design today. His current designs often emerge in cooperation with his wife Ayako Nakanishi. But on special parties, Kouichi Okamoto still keeps the music in his hands.