Kristine Norlander


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Kristine Norlander

Smart photography

Kristine Norlander was born in Oslo in 1972 and since 1997, teaches the subjects Arts and crafts at a secondary school in the town Akershus. She has always loved to express herself through various media, such as painting, pottery, and also through photography. In 2014, she successfully completed her master's degree in the subject of art and crafts.

In her research, she dealt with the topic mobile photography. Thereby she examined how smartphones are used as a creative tool and social networks - like Instagram - affect the creative expressiveness.

Scandinavian minimalism

Norlander herself describes her style as a kind of Nordic minimalism or Scandinavian simplicity. Most of her pictures are produced in her direct environment, which is often nature or architectural detail becoming her motif.

Funkis photography

In 2015, she also photographed the image series Funkis for by Lassen with her smartphone. Kristine Norlander says that the work with the smartphone sharpens her glance and allows free, playful spontaneity. Iconic architecture buildings, designed by the Lassen brothers are the motif of this series. With her photographs, it sets a framework and highlights the details of the buildings. Lines and edges, which often are forgotten when looking at the holistic, are used in the focus and get an aesthetic dimension. With extreme close views, she shows the linear shape of the building and translates it into a minimalist, abstract language.

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