Designer Marie Thurnauer

Marie Thurnauer

Marie Thurnauer is interior architect as well as product designer. The French designer studied both disciplines in the country’s capital Paris.

Marie Thurnauer works as a freelance designer and as consultant for the development of traditional handicrafts on the Philippines, in Ethiopia and Peru since her graduation. Thurnauer founded her own design studio Petites Productions in Paris in 2000. The French creates products out of many different materials such as steel, wood, porcelain, textiles and even cardboard there.

”I think, design should be like nature, which always finds a suitable solution. I like material to become something useful. Design should also be functional, balanced, noiseless and without a need of explanation”, explained Marie Thurnauer. ”People that get to know my work ask themselves if I was a Swedish designer, and I feel addressed. I like the simple, straight lined forms of Scandinavian design, they are a clear inspiration source for my work.”.

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