Max Lamb

Max Lamb

Max Lamb was born in the British Cornwall in 1980. The designer finds inspiration in the idyllic landscape of his hometown today.

Max Lamb finished his studies at the Northumbrian University in Newcastle in 3D Design in 2003. In the same year the British already won his first design awards: the Peter Walker Award for Innovation in Furniture Design as well as the Hettich International Design Award. Lamb continued studying at the London Royal College of Art and finished this one in 2006 with a Master graduation.

After studying Lamb worked in the Studio of Tom Dixon, bit already after a few years he founded his own studio and started to teach at the Swiss ECAL.

Lamb is famous for the handicraft qualities of his works: Most of his designs are handmade and consist of natural materials. His love for these natural materials might also come from the closeness to nature. Still his works don’t belong to a determinate style – Lamb himself says he is influenced internationally by his travels through far countries.

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